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Beyond the Eye

I have a flash story about a hurricane named Bartleby who refuses to move on in the Spring 2019 edition of After the Pause. It’s called Beyond the Eye.

I think it’s political. As in we’re stuck in circular disaster. But there’s hope at the end.

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Celebrating the Death of Opportunity

Let’s all pause for a moment to celebrate the life and death of Opportunity, the cobbled together go kart shipped to scout Mars in 2004. Designed to last 90 days it roamed for 15 years. My hero. The Odysseus of our age. Bards, fire up your lyres.

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“Poison Snail Fight” at Fiction Southeast

Fiction Southeast published my flash story “Poison Snail Fight” today (2/1/2019). It’s based on a vivid childhood memory of growing up in southwest LA in the 1960s where we roamed like a pack of wild dogs through the streets and alleys and backyards. We periodically collected soft shell snails and divided into teams on opposite street corners. I saw a snail go down one kid’s gullet. He was too surprised to spew it back up. He didn’t die, at least not of that.

Everything else is fiction, especially the family. My actual family consists of disgustingly well adjusted people, a fact that hampers my fiction. Writers are far better off with miserable families and childhoods. No such luck for me. I do not resent them for this.

Fiction Southeast should be publishing a ‘writing of’ essay and an audio version of the story in the future. Updates to follow.


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How is Henry?

Google guesses on a search. Which means people want to know about quiet desperation AND that Henry David Thoreau is doing OK.


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Hello World

New web infrastructure

Hello World.

If you’re reading this you’re on my spectacular new website. I can say that because I didn’t design it, Adrienne Asher did.

I am lucky she agreed to do it and lucky she stuck with it. The process resembled an Adventure Quest, including a non-cooperative site host (not GoDaddy) and a major WordPress version upgrade, all of which she weathered with grace and skill.

Adrienne is a tremendously talented poet, painter and food blogger. All of her work deserves your attention and I encourage you to visit her stunning website here. My thanks to her for a wonderful job.


I’ll try not to screw it up.

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