Bark Hearts in jmww

New flash story “Bark Hearts” in jmww, one of the old school great flash journals I’ve been trying to get into forever.

A long time ago I read that even people with very little don’t tend to support increasing taxes on the rich because they figure someday they’ll be rich themselves. We want to move up the hill, no matter what. This is about that age old proposition: people be crazy.

Rearranging the Bones at Pithead Chapel

Rearranging the Bones is a flash story about a walk in the woods and being eaten by a giant owl. Kim Magowan, the editor of Pithead Chapel, described it as my bizarre narrator-as-owl pellet story. Also as ‘such an oddball.’ I love that kind of reaction. She also saved me from screwing up the ending with an extra sentence.


This is another story that came from walking in the woods. I interrupted a western screech owl on the ground about to eat a mouse. It looked at me like he wanted to eat me for interrupting his meal. Good think he was only about a foot tall.

Sweet Spot at New Letters

New Letters, one of the best literary publications around, published my short story “Sweet Spot” in their Winter/Spring 2021 issue. Go figure. No accounting for taste. Goes to show that if you send enough submissions year after year you may even fool one of the best. I am grateful for the lapse in standards.

This one is a realistic story. Zero fantastical elements. Unfamiliar territory for me. I might try it again.

Not available online, at least yet.

The Temporary Skull at Hominum Journal

Jonathan Truong and I both had stories in the same issue of Eclectica. He asked if I had anything for Hominum, where he is editor in chief. They focus on the somatic and what’s more somatic than a Temporary Skull?

I think this journal is destined for the top. Excellent layout and stunning artwork, staffed by young people (I can say that, I’m old) and out of Orange County CA, which used to be a bastion of the right. Home to John Wayne airport. Take a look at the masthead page. I feel honorer they would have me.

The artwork on this post is by Eunah Kang, a high school senior with prodigious talents.

Wild Huckleberries at Crack the Spine

New flash fiction called Wild Huckleberries up at Crack the Spine. Inspired by bear scat that looked like blueberry cobbler on a hike up Mt. Pilchuck off the Mountain Loop Highway. Also inspired by almost falling off the trail and finding a dropped pocket knife. Picture is from near the Mt. Pilchuck lookout.