Short Stories+Flash Fiction



The Toaster, Abyss & Apex, April 2023 (co-authored with Marlowe Kaye and published under the name Calvin Cage) (short story) 
Spaceship in a Bottle, (flash) Moon City Review, 2023


Octopus Walks Into a Diner, (flash), Marathon Literary Review, August 2022
The Subrogation of the Internal Messenger in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, (short story, huzzah!) July, 2022
The Transit Lane in Spectrum, Spring, 2022 (flash)
Trojan Safety Officer in Thin Air Online, April 2022 (flash)


Bark Hearts, at jmww, July 14, 2021 (flash)
Rearranging the Bones at Pithead Chapel, July, 2021 (flash). Made it to the Wigleaf 50 shortlist, for what that’s worth.
Love Songs of the Anthropocene, Stonecoast Review, Summer 2021 (crazy ass short story, print only)
Adapting to the Urban Environment, After the Pause, Spring 2021 (flash)
Sweet Spot
, New Letters, Winter/Spring 2021 (short story)
The Temporary Skull  Hominum Journal, 2/28/2021 (flash)
Wild Huckleberries, Crack the Spine, 2/4/2021 (flash)
The Appendix, Eclectica, 1/13/2021 (flash)


The Price of Angel’s Milk, Coffin Bell, 11/1/2020 (flash)
Craters of Perpetual Darkness, Dark Lane anthology #9, 8/2020 (short story)
Small Gods
Rumble Fish Quarterly, Spring 2020 (flash)
Roadkill Rodeo The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, 2/2020 (short story)
People Who Live in Invisible Houses
Jersey Devil Press, 2/1/2020 (short story)
Bomb Shelter Gulf Stream, 1/9/2020 (short story)
Stories We Will Always Know
SmokeLong Quarterly, 1/6/2020 (flash)


Progeny of the Dung Beetle The Molotov Cocktail, 12/31/2019
Hunter, Gatherer Gingerbread House, July 2019
The Future is a Blue Dog Penn Review, Spring 2019
The Return Desk   Menacing Hedge, April 2019
Cheap Copies, The Arcanist, March 22, 2019
Beyond The Eye, After the Pause, Spring 2019
Poison Snail Fight, Fiction Southeast, February 2019.


Little Trees and Paper Lanterns, Jellyfish Review, Winter 2018
Trust Fall, Typehouse, October 2018
TerrariumLost Balloon, October 2018
Low Pressure Terracotta, Literally Stories, March 2018
All the Brady FamiliesMaudlin House, May 2018


Public Enemy, Atticus Review, January 2017 (Best Small Fictions 2018 Nominee)
We All Think We Can See the Trajectories of Each Other’s Lives, But Tend to Lose Interest, Typehouse Issue 10, January 2017
Rosemaling,  Typehouse, Issue 10, January 2017
Appropriation Starts Here, Typehouse, Issue 10, January 2017
An Accessory Before the Fact, Maudlin House, January 2017
The Ongoing Inquiry Into Items in Lost and Found, Digging Through the Fat, June 2017
Pickup Ball in the Parking Lot of Heavenly Delights, The Potomac Review, Fall 2017
A Member of the Audience, Juked, November 2017


Note: working on a novel, last year of work before retirement, various lame excuses
Mountain Dog, 
The Broken Plate, Spring 2016
The Hurt Museum, The Broken Plate, Spring 2016
The Golden Age of the American Road,  Juked, December 2016


The WoodpilePer Contra, Winter 2015
The Last Time We Saw Charlie
, The Dr. T. J. Eckleburg Review, February 2015
Essay on writing The Last Time We Saw Charlie, Eckleburg Review
The Butterfly ChildConnotation Press, 2015
Steel Drum, Connotation Press,
Steam and Starfish, Beecher’s, July 2015
Turn in the Direction of the Skid,  Hobart, December 2015
Epistle to Ahab from a Giant Squid, Devilfish Review, 2015
Invisible Forever,  The New Mexico Review, December 15, 2015


Seeing Eye Cat,  Oddville Press, February 2014 (Vol 2 Issue 1 )
The Ghost Bike
, Pear Noir, April 2014
Pogo Chicken, Ellipsis, April 2014
Umbilical, Cape Fear, June 2014
IncarnadinePunchnel’s, October 2014
DNA FAQ, Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet, 2014


Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet, Used Furniture Review, February 2013
Smoke Jumper Boots,  Spartan, Spring 2013
Landfall, The Los Angeles Review, Spring 2013
The Ruined Part of the Rainbow,  Oxford Magazine, Summer 2013
Scientific Inquiry at the Open Mic, Wonder and Risk, October 2013
In The Creases of Dead Maps, Metazen, November 2013
Krill, Clapboard House, December 2013
Bubble Wrap, Thickjam, 2013


Inside the Ellipse,  Jersey Devil Press, March 2012
Moaning Lisa and the Wall of Gum, Brink, March 2012
An Equity Position in Coffee Spoons, Atticus Review, March 2012
A Note from the Institute of Underground Studies,  Prime Number, May 2012
A Cure for Love,  Blackheart Magazine, August 2012
Suicide of the Machines, Corvus, August 2012


Appliances, Monkeybicycle, March 2011
The Far Wall of the World, Denver Syntax, June 2011
The Art of Cussed Persistence, Flash Fiction Chronicles, July 2011
Learning to Fail in the Cadaver Archipelago, Forge, July 2011 (Pushcart Prize Nominee)
Litsnack, Sept 2011 and Full of Crow,October 2011
The Statue at the Café Ephemera, Oklahoma Review, 2011
The Wisdom of Clouds, decomP, 2011
If Elephants Can Smell Diamonds, Slow Trains, 2011
Lifejacket, Bartelby Snopes, 2011
The Parking Victim, Per Contra, 2011 (Best of the Web, 2011 Nominee)
George Clooney Performs an Emergency Tracheotomy on Olivera Street, Waterhouse Review, 2011
Confluence, Staccato Fiction, 2011
Saving for a Better Miracle, The Delinquent, 2011
Parallax and The Gandy Dancer, Danse Macabre, 2011

2010 & Before

My Combustible Heart, Foliate Oak, December 2010
The House of Phantom Limbs, Writers’ Bloc, 2010
Brain in a Box, The Legendary, 2009
Crow Steals Cable TV, Palo Alto Review, 2007
Reality Check, The Rose and Thorn, 2006 (Pushcart Prize Nominee)
Goody Goody,
Bryant Literary Review, 2006
Watchtower, descant, 2006
Leaving Hieronymus, The Green Mountains Review, 2005
Like Juggling Water, Cicada, 2005
The Egg Reflex, Snake Nation Review, 2005
Failing at Breakfast, Kimera, 2004
Bounce, Pindeldyboz, 2003
Boy Scouts, Artisan, 2001
The Man Who Ate Cars, Carve, 2001