Robert P. Kaye

Robert P. Kaye writes fiction of various length. He has published some stuff (see the Books & Stories link).He hosts the Works In Progress open mic series at Hugo House in Seattle and co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation, a secretive organization with unclear aims.

You can contactf him by email at RobertPKaye(at)gmail(dot)com or find him on Facebook. Talking about yourself in the third person like this is weird, but it seems to happen a lot in the lit world. The picture on the right is kind of old and Robert P. Kaye doesn’t look like that anymore, but he still likes that hat.

Stuff About Robert P. Kaye

  • Born in Los Angeles around the midpoint of the terminal century of the prior millennium when LA looked like the picture on the right and yes that is smog from leaded gasoline
  • Migrated north to a damp city in search of education and good coffee
  • Salon magazine selects his entry“A fool and his money are soon automated”as Best Technology Epigram, launching a literary career/delusion
  • Publishes short fiction in print and online publications
  • Facilitates the Works in Progress open mic reading at Hugo House
  • Co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation
  • Does other stuff, some of it useful, most of it not
  • Endings prove inconclusive

Robert P Kaye 2013